Binaries for SpeedyCGI version 2.22

Operating System Architecture Package Dependencies
FreeBSD-4.8 i386 Basic Distribution  
Optional Apache-2 Module Apache Web Server
RedHat-6.1 i386 Basic Distribution Perl 5.00503
Optional Apache-1 Module Apache 1
RedHat-9 i386 Basic Distribution Perl 5.8.0
Optional Apache-2 Module Apache 2
Solaris8 sparc Basic Distribution Perl 5.005_03 (SUNWpl5u)
Optional Apache-1 Module Apache Web Server (SUNWapchu, SUNWapchr)

If you would like contribute binary packages, you can build them automatically on Linuxes with RPM, Solaris and BSD by running "make package". Email all the files in the binaries directory to